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Оригинал взят у в Кружево. 17-19 век.Часть 2.

-------------Cornelis de Vos--------------------------
[Flemish Baroque Era Painter, ca.1584-1651]

Self-Portrait of the Artist with his Wife Suzanne Cock and their Children
Oil on canvas, 186 x 221 cm
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg


------------------Мужской костюм------------------

Suit of Yellow Slashed and Braided Satin. English, about 1630.

Boothose with deep lace frill.
Early 17th Century 1630s - 40s

Close-up of the very wide lace collar.
Early 17th Century 1630s - 40s

Suit from 1673

Mid 17th Century 1660s - 1670s


Minister Colbert. (1619-1683) Note the rich needlepoint lace


Portrait of Maria Serra Pallavicino 1606
Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens's Paintings.

Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria

1606 The National Gallery of Art, Washington DC


Thomas_de_Keyser (1596 - 1664)
Dutch Portret_van_een_vrouw

Cornelis de Vos
Antonia Canis

Cornelis de Vos
Portrait de dame à l'éventail

Catherine of Braganza, 1661. The Queen Dowager, wife of Charles II.

Queen Marie-Therese in State Robes. Unknown painter.



WebMuseum: Vermeer, Jan:
The Lacemaker

 -----------------19 век---------------

J.L. Dyckmans "The Old Lacemaker"

Vasily Tropinin. The Lace-Maker. 1823. Oil on canvas. The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

Pillow Lace Maker

============Edwardian & Victorian===========================

Circa 1900's, Ornate Chemical Lace Jacket


Circa 1900, Graceful Irish Crochet Jacket


Edwardian Battenburg Lace Jacket


Exquisite Irish Crochet Jacket


Exquisite Irish Crochet Coat



Circa 1900, Superb Irish Crochet Skirt


Circa 1900, Exquisite Edwardian Lace Skirt


A dress up/dress down cropped bodice in ecru "fil de lin" linen with peek-a-boo inserts in authentic Craponne lace.


A romantic fitted camisole with a fun, skirted guipure lace flounce. This lovely piece has a bodice in fine white "fil de lin" linen with drawn thread and bourdon embroidery typical of the 1920's.


Lieselotte von der Pfalz, La Palatine, Madame, Duchess d'Orléans, wife of Philippe, brother of Louis XIV, 1690s

Circa 1880's-1900, Ornate Peignoir w/ Valencienne Lace


Exquisite Princess Petticoat w/ Valencienne Lace



Sublime evening sheath in sheer egg-shell white silk mousseline. 19 век


Elegant evening sheath in sheer egg-shell white silk mousseline.

mid-19th century - Belgium.



Circa 1860, Lovely Rosaline Bertha Collar

--------------------Игольное кружево----------------------

Embroideress with Amor, 1627. By J. Sweelinck. A lady is shown embroidering on a frame, which keeps the material tight

French Embroiderer's Workshop (detail left), 1750. From Diderot's Encyclopédie.

A piece of consummate delicacy this beautiful collar in a whisper of pale ecru batiste


Circa 1860, Ornate Brussels Point De Gaze Collar


Exquisite Brussels Point De Gaze Shawl


Superb Brussels Point De Gaze Collar


Excellent Brussels Point De Gaze Collar

============="Lappet"- накидка на голову==================

Ornate 19th C. Brussels Point De Gaze Lappet


Fine 19th C. Point De Gaze Lappet

=============Шали, накидки=====================

Majestic Brussels Lace Shawl w/ Point De Gaze Lace


Circa 19th C. Exquisite Brussels Duchesse Shawl


Elaborate 19th C. Brussels Lace Shawl w/ Point De Gaze


Circa 1860, Fine Brussels Lace Triangular Lace Shawl


Superb 19th C. Brussels Lace Triangular Shawl


Circa 1860's, Fine Brussels Lace Shawl w/ Bows


Edwardian Tambour Lace Wedding Outfit


Brussels Lace Wedding Veil


Brussels Lace Oval Wedding Veil

Столовое и постельное белье, детские вещи- уже не вмещались,
но позже обязательно покажу.

LACE-HERE/Кружево-14-18 век -ТУТ

Большое спасибо за линк!

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